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Multi Utility Services

Do you need utility services such as installation of Gas, water & Electric HV / LV services. As experts, we can confidently fulfil all your requirements.

A huge construction edifice like us has to have an awfully deep foundation for giving it strength and sturdiness. It will usually cut into terribly deep to move across a weak layer of soil to the powerful one below. Because of the very fact that the ground clearance firms like rmcgrabhire usually work for larger projects, we are trained with larger machines and tools. We make certain that we need the specified labour and resources to urge their job done just right. Whereas smaller projects involve fewer labours, larger construction projects involve serious resources so that we will come out with success to meet the project point. From ground clearance to basic construction, we provide all sorts of pre-construction services

For excavating contractors, encountering buried utilities throughout excavation may result, at best, in pricey delays and money or alternative penalties wherever services are disrupted; at the worst, this situation carries the chance of injury to employees or perhaps death. These services collate data from utility installation companies like us relating to the situation of buried utilities and pass this information on - typically for a fee - to excavating contractors.

While utility pursuit services like rmcgrabhire offer a vital first filter for contractors, we are not infallible: maps could also be incomplete or inaccurate; utilities might are additional, removed or settled while not that data being passed on. For this reason, it's suggested for excavating contractors to interact with the services of appropriately qualified, practised and equipped utility installation companies and a utility mapping service.

Using trendy strategies and technology like magnetic force detectors, radio detection and ground penetrating radiolocation systems (GPRS), it's easy to find accurately a good variety of buried utilities as well as each bimetal and non-metallic pipes and cables. These utilities will then be mapped employing a combination of ancient survey techniques, GPS and geographical data systems (GIS) software package.

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Prompt gas, water and electric service laying

Do you need a specialist who can run a new gas, water or electric feed to your property? Contact us. The experts at RMC provide prompt and efficient gas, water and electric laying services.

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Our Services:

  • Water main / service installation
  • Electric service laying HV / LV
  • Gas main / service installation
  • Trenchless service laying

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